Instructions for reading the I Ching

This is a massive topic to cover, certainly more than what can be covered here. I will only touch upon some basic ideas.

Reading and Interpretation

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More with I Ching math

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Common, but unclear, terms (at least for me)

  • Perserverance of a woman

  • The superior/inferior man

    This term is so common and used in so many contexts that it is difficult to say precisely what it means. I assume that back in the day the Chinese had a very specific meaning for this term, and it was probably very socially constructed. Today, I would say that the superior Man is one whose inner values (integrity, honesty, etc.) take priority over material, or external, values (wealth, position, power, etc.)

  • Perserverance Furthers

    This has always been confusing to me as what does it mean to 'perservere'? Does it mean just keep plodding ahead? In FOLLOWING (17) it specifically states that "'Perseverance furthers' --that is, consistency in doing right". This is only slightly less vague as 'right' is still pretty subjective. However, if we can accept the very general definition of 'right' as 'not going against your own nature' and 'not causing harm to others', then "Perservernce Furthers" would mean "Continue acting in the way you feel is best suited to your inner intentions, you own values, while being respectful of others along the way"

  • No Blame

    This typically means "it's not your fault if everything falls apart", but I prefer to think of this as "Just because things have gone in a different direction than you were hoping or planning, it is in harmonmy with the situation at hand." Moreover, there is "no blame" because you were "perservering" as a "superior man", therefore, as unpleasant as the situation may turn out to be, you have remained true to yourself.

  • Supreme Good Furtune

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