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Hangin upside down has saved many people from back surgery, but it is one of the best preventative practices you can do for spinal health.

Cold showers change my life in ways I did not expect. Besides all the health benefits, the psychological benefits are astounding. I only wish I had access to ice baths and cryo tanks! It is a traditional kundalini yoga practice as well as a Siberian kindergarten activity.

The Mushroom God attempts to explain to my puny mind how reality came into being.

The LoA is a modern version of the Protestant Reformation, and just like religion, can keep us from living the life our higher-self intended to live.

During an entheogenic ritual, the Ant God paid me a visit. It was quite frightening, but in the end 'He' granted me my wish - because it was for the benefit of all life.

You might be me

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. How the blind joy of innocence and the lingering pain of experience are inextricably bound to one another…

Oftentimes fear is the driving force when it comes to what we choose to believe…

We are living our past lives right now

You are now free of all karma. How's it feel?

The true Holy Grail is not a 'thing', it is all 'things'.

The only proof we need to present is to ourselves, even if it's the last thing we do.

Surprisingly, it did not smell like sulfur

Everyone's right, sorta

Redefining the meaning of 'Intelligent' in 'Intelligent Design'

Hack your brain for fun and profit with tDCS. This post also references reports on the positive effects tDSC is having with autistics. Warning: If you plan on doing this yourself, RTFM (read the freaking manual! Links provided)

Tango and autism turn out to be a well paired couple

Why we are looking at autism the wrong way

Deception is deceiving