Teonanacatl Speaks: The Ant God
During an entheogenic ritual, the Ant God paid me a visit. It was quite frightening, but in the end 'He' granted me my wish - because it was for the benefit of all life.

Aug 11, 2015: It was too much to absorb and stand up at the same time. I moved to lie down on a beautiful, lush patch of moss, but just before I did I was reminded, no doubt by one of those robots rattling around in my head, that the patch of moss I was eyeing was always covered with ants, and attempts to lay down there in the past always resulted in ants crawling all over me.

The conflict between my desire to lay the on moss, but not wanting to be covered in ants, must have transmitted a distress call out into the universe, because I found myself in a thick fog, unable to see anything. Then, in the mist, I detected a form moving. It was approaching me. It was large, perhaps 20 or 30 feet tall. As it became clearer I began to make it out, and I began to get frightened. It was an ant! A thirty-foot-tall ant! And it was quickly approaching me. As scared as I was, I did not move because I felt something else. I did not feel threatened. My fear was merely a reaction to seeing a 30-foot ant. I also felt I was being given a gift, an opportunity, as if the ant was responding to my call. The ant stopped when it was a few yards in front of me. I could feel its presence as well as its intention. Awed and humbled, I knew I was standing in front of a deity, a great and powerful spirit—the spirit of the Ant. I immediately fell to my knees and prostrated myself before the Ant God, and thanked him (I say “him,” but it was neither male nor female. It was “ant”) for allowing me to see him. The Ant God was still and quiet, but I could feel that he was allowing me to communicate with him. I asked him if I could be granted the opportunity to lie on the moss without any of the ants bothering me. I presented to him the idea that I was on a great journey, and to help me further my experience would be to the benefit of all life. I then added that, were he to grant me this request, I would take extra special care of all ants, wherever I encountered them, and always show them the highest respect. The Ant God continued to stand perfectly still, but I could feel a shift in his energy. He then slowly began to move back into the mist. I knew my request had been granted. I was back in my garden in front of the moss. I lay down and waited a moment, nervously feeling for ants crawling on me. I felt none. I then began to shift to the next level.